Segue – Over the Mountains – Silent Season

A friend linked me this album right before a difficult time. On the first listen, my mind took me to that quintessential vibey place—golden flowers, sunrise, the works. By the time “Deep Valley” came on, I was ready to bike around the block a few times. The beat and vibe on this track remind me of “Everything You Do is a Balloon” by Boards of Canada.


After a couple weeks went by, I revisited the record, taking the opportunity to indulge in some necessary nostalgia and let the past pain become distant memory. The melodic effects here sound like they’re from a long time ago, which helps if you’re trying to recall a way of being, a mode of thought, or a piece of clothes you used to love to wear.



Nowadays, Over the Mountains makes me energetic and upbeat—first lounging, then lungeing, then laughing. Highly recommend listening to this alone for the first time and sharing when you feel comfortable that you’ve experienced it intimately already.