Matt Christensen – Silk

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Zelienople guitarist and Chicago-based artist Matt Christensen released Silk last week like it was his peak. Far from it—though the guitar is amazing and the lyrics chilling, with just the right touch of sparseness to let you listen to the music, I’m convinced that Christensen has only just begun his brilliant path as a solo artist.


Zelienople still puts out music while the individual band members do their own thing. Matt Christensen’s solo project is contemplative, full of folksy guitar with a distinctly lofi sound. It’s all very minor and slow, with words that cut deep if you’re down. “I surround you like the news / I surround you like my love, so low / I surround you like the babies you never had / I surround you like the work you don’t like”. Everything on the album is heartfelt, and a full listen is as cathartic as anything else you could do. Feel sad, feel distant, feel cleansed.

Each song deals with the same topic in a different way— nostalgia as physical, missing someone mentally, and the ways in which the world mirrors our inner lives. It all just sinks you deeper and deeper into that part of yourself you repress all day: the human that loves, hates, pities, and yearns for the sublime. Listen to Silk and reconnect with yourself, the only person that’s there with you until the bitter end.