Into the Silence – Avishai Cohen – ECM Records

new york jazz

Into the Silence is a dramatic record that reserves Avishai Cohen’s spot in the annals of New York jazz music. ECM stands for Edition of Contemporary Music—a pioneering German label that finds great off-the-grid music and gives it a home within its history of boundary-blurring artists.

“Dream Like a Child” has some serious doomsday undertones, calling to mind the Westworld theme and Dolores in all her glory. Minor chords inspire introspection, making it easy to listen when you’re dealing with loss—the delicacy of the instruments could only be used to describe something as cruel and beautiful as the time a person puts in on this planet. Everyone dies at one point or another, but it’s only when they look back that they’re able to say if they lived a rich life or not. Was it full of wild experiences, realized dreams, and awesome music? Getting old sucks, but taking risks, having meaningful relationships, and going on crazy rides makes it worth it in retrospect.

No boundaries

Cohen is a trumpet player, so Into the Silence showcases his talent to the fullest, with Yonathan Avishai on the piano, Eric Revis on double bass, Nasheet Waits on drums, and Bill McHenry on tenor sax. What’s different about this from the rest of New York jazz I’ve listened to in the past? I guess it’s the thoughtfulness behind the track titles (Cohen made this in his father’s memory,) the tenderness of the notes, and the boldness of the trumpet—not something you hear every day, or even every week.

ECM releases blend classical and jazz, are weird in all the right ways, and draw talent from all over the world. Cohen joins the ranks of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, and Kenny Wheeler under the label umbrella, continuing his bold career as musician and performer.