A Good Night in the Ghetto – Kamaiyah – Kamaiyah


A Good Night in the Ghetto came on the heels of a year full of heavy hitters from typical artists—Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Pusha T, Rae Sremmurd, and more.

Forever grateful to Kamaiyah for being bold enough to release this album at the age of 21 on her own label, named after herself. No shame in getting rich, drinking out of the bottle, or living every damn day like it’s Friday. So good.

She reps Oakland hard, making her debut sound at once like a throwback to the rap scene she was born into as well as the climate where she’s currently thriving. Kamaiyah used to head up Big Money Gang, who makes a debut toward the end in “One Love”. This is young, carefree, laid-back rap music, not the righteous and wounded words that make up so much of the hip hop canon today. It makes good driving music, works well in the background, and even amps up your confidence when you need it. It’s hard to say what Kamaiyah will follow up with, but hopefully it’s half as good as this release.


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